Fendona 6% SC

Package Information - Fendona 6% SC - 1 liter

Manufacturer: BASF


Target Pests:

Cockroaches, Beetles, Flies, Mites

Product Description:

Fendona® is the first choice spray treatment for insect pests. It is a high performance residual insecticide with a broad spectrum of action against a large variety of insect pests. It is suitable for use in and around private households, public facilities such as hospitals, schools, restaurants or canteens and in the food and drink industry.

Apply using any conventional manual or power sprayer equipped to produce a coarse spray. Add the appropriate volume of Fendona 6 SC to the required volume of clean water and agitate. If a delay occurs between treatments, re-agitate before re-use. Apply to just before run-off, using 1 litre diluted product per 20 m2, to surfaces frequented by pests, especially cracks, crevices and behind furnishings and equipment.

Directions for use as an Insecticide
dilute 25 ml product in 5 litres of water, then apply 1 litre diluted product per 20m2 surface.